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You could say I am the son of immigrants.  But if I’m being really honest, I grew up in the United States… with a whole lotta French.  My Mom was from France; my Dad was from Luxembourg.  They gave me a French name.  At home, we spoke French.  We ate French, Breton and Luxembourgish food.  We drank plenty of wine.


I am also a culture nerd.  I sipped my first sparkling wine on a family trip to Luxembourg’s Moselle River Valley when I was 8.  When I was 10, the Pittsburgh Symphony happened to schedule my favorite piece of music - Beethoven’s Fifth - the same day as my birthday; I got loopy about my dumb luck.  My sports hero was Roberto Clemente, in no small part because I respected the way he wore his culture so proudly.


So it’s no coincidence that I have made my career around wine and beer, and that my experiences with languages eventually veered toward writing about wine and beer.  By that, I mean the people who make wine and beer.  How wineries and breweries work.  The regions in which they are located.  The story of how they got there.


In short, the  culture of wine and beer.


I wrote my first article for the Greenwich (Connecticut) Citizen in 2007 and have been writing articles, ad copy and website copy ever since.  Since 2015, I've written a column on wine and beer in the Greenwich Free Press.


Frenchy’s Wine Road reflects the epicurean riches of the destinations I have been lucky enough to travel to in my life, as well as the attractive things I've noticed along the way. Frenchy's Wine Road also reflects a personal journey from the safe road - a classical career path - to the hiking trail of my true passion - writing.

Frenchy’s Wine Road takes me through Connecticut, where I live; to New York and Pennsylvania where I grew up; and to Vermont where I learned to ski and love the state.  Farther afield, it takes me to my family’s roots in Brittany and Luxembourg.  Brittany is the agricultural heart of France and is known for its dry Cider - unlike any other - its crèpes, and the most amazing seafood you’ll ever eat.  In Luxembourg, you find the most incredible Moselle wines.  And ham to make your mouth water.  (The inside joke there is that France may be where you go for Nouvelle Cuisine, but Luxembourg is where you get properly fed.)


My passion led me to search out how to support these amazing drinks and foods.  So in 2011, I earned my

Level 4 Diploma in Wine & Spirits, and the Cicerone Certified Beer Server certificate.  I earned my JD at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, and my Bachelor's at Johns Hopkins University.


Today, I do a few things.  I write articles on wine for local and national publications.  I help wine and beer retailers, wineries and breweries write compelling copy for their advertising, promotional materials and websites.  I offer private wine tastings for individuals or for corporate events.  


To find out more about how I can support your business or your event, please



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